Best Steakhouses in Miami 

Craving a perfectly cooked steak in Miami, FL? There are a few standout steakhouses that are known for their exceptional cuts, expert craftsmanship, and inviting ambiance. Mau Miami and Playa, both restaurants created by Show Hospitality, are committed to quality, innovative flavors, and impeccable service. Our establishments offer an extraordinary dining experience for people who want high-quality steak in South Beach and Midtown. In this blog, Show Hospitality will highlight why both of our restaurants are the best steakhouses in Miami. Make a reservation today!

Steak with Flower

Mau Miami

Created by Show Hospitality, Mau Miami is the best steakhouse in Midtown offering a memorable dining experience. Our restaurant offers a menu that showcases a selection of prime cuts cooked to perfection. Each steak is prepared with precision, allowing the natural flavors to shine, resulting in a tantalizing array of tastes. As a guest, you can expect exceptional service, an elegant presentation, and a lush jungle environment.

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Playa, another restaurant created by us, is the best steakhouse in South Beach that infuses Southern Mediterranean cuisine for the ultimate dining experience. Our restaurant offers a unique take on the traditional steakhouse experience with a menu that features a selection of top-quality steaks prepared with a coastal flair. With our lively atmosphere and warm earthy tones, Playa offers a steakhouse experience that embraces Miami’s exciting spirit.

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Prime Cuts and Quality

Show Hospitality sources the highest quality beef for our steaks. We place a great emphasis on partnering with trusted suppliers who provide prime cuts of meat. This commitment to quality ensures guests are offered flavorful and unforgettable dishes.

Giant Steak

Culinary Expertise

Mau Miami and Playa go beyond traditional steakhouse offerings by infusing innovative flavors and culinary techniques into each of our menus. Show Hospitality strives to push the boundaries of steakhouse cuisine, showcasing our culinary expertise and commitment to offering customers a unique dining experience.

Show Hospitality has created some of the best steakhouses in Miami, offering exceptional culinary dishes that cater to guests' specific needs and preferences. With our emphasis on designing an inviting atmosphere surrounded, we aim to provide unforgettable steakhouses in the vibrant city of Miami. Contact us today for more information.

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